Foot Repair at Last

Would you believe that severe injuries can now be healed much faster using stem cells? It is true, but don’t worry that these cells come from fetuses because they actually come from your own bone marrow. Your bone marrow contains undifferentiated white blood cells known as stem cells, which can be injected into injured sites and other areas that need healing to speed up the healing process.

The feet are tough to heal. You end up putting weight on them no matter how hard you try and it can slow down the healing process. Moreover, the feet don’t get a high amount of circulating repair cells so they are already slower to heal. When you need foot repair using a stem cell procedure, jacksonville fl clinics have exactly what you need to recover.

Normally, it would take a long time for you to heal and, in some cases, you would never heal at all. In other cases, you would need painful surgery. Now the stem cells taken from your own bone marrow are employed to do the job instead. This makes for a painless procedure that is fast and efficient, resulting in rapid healing and new bone and tissue growth that is fast and efficient.

stem cell procedure, jacksonville fl

Would you rather do things the old fashioned way? That is still done as well. You need to consult a good podiatrist in order to get this care or any other care for your feet so you can get back on track sooner than later. It is important to keep your feet healthy, as it is part of how you get around. Particularly if you play sports, you want to get back on the field fast.

Consider this type of procedure and, if you have any desires, questions, or concerns, talk to a qualified podiatrist who uses stem cell therapy today.