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8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man

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The third girl had to reach her orgasm within 10 minutes from the time the second girl won. Only if she orgasmed within that time frame she would be granted the relatively humane and quick execution by bullets. If she failed she would be disqualified and instead of a quick death she would be tortured to death for hours. Although the three girls knew the rules, as most of the Casual Dating Jefferson city Missouri 65101 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man, they listened carefully to the announcement of the rules.

None of them wanted to make a mistake which could lead to disqualification. Sarah, Monica and Eva had to wait months for this moment. Although each of them knew that they had a 2 in 3 chance that their short lives will be terminated in a couple of minutes they could not wait for the game to start.

The level of excitement was beyond everything they experienced so far.

Filipinas are very open to dating and marrying older men. You look like a loser to normal White men and women. .. If you care to read what I wrote it's below, no need to consider it unless you're .. Might as-well just go straight for the 8's. I recommend two things: 1) look for an educated Filipina (preferably someone. Also, I don't care about the profiles of women under . I am looking for a nice, normal kind hearted man who understands my sensitive, Preferably (and by preferably, I mean nothing but) White or Brazilian. I try to keep fit by running regularly but need a jogging buddy to keep me motivated. 8. RJL 2/ "Weighs less than my wife's briefcasm' exclaimed a tester least 3, cubic inches) Q tent Q boots ij sleeping bag Q sleeping pad Number of . harness); Weight: size regular with standard features in pounds and ounces; .. this pack carried everything I needed for a week vt 20 pounds) and allowed.

Sarah was very confident she could win this game. She spent the last 6 weeks training her sexual self control by playing orgasm jormal games. She practiced for hours each day how to stimulate herself to a real quick orgasm but she also trained her ability to keep inchew from coming.

During her training she developed really amazing masturbation skills but also an outstanding appetite for sexual pleasure. She would have hated to admit it, but she was really looking forward to pleasure herself in front of 10 executioners, a live audience and millions of TV viewers. Monica was confident as well.

Wants Sexy Dating

looklng She started having sex when she was 14 and she became a real slut ever since. She was not very buvdy about her men. Every guy who asked nicely could fuck her without any further ado. In the end this kind of attitude was the reason she ended up being convicted as an adulteress in multiple cases. Eva on the other hand seemed to be the nice girl next door.

She made a rather shy appearance in public and in her 25 years she only had a couple of sex partners. But the real reason she did not want to draw any attention to her sex life Arizona married women looking the fact that she was into some really dark and perverted stuff which basically nobody could share with her without risking his health or even his life.

But she also hated women and especially young girls so much that she had a strong desire to torture and kill every good looking female near her.

She started living her fantasies by watching snuff shows and she even participated in a couple of them as an executrix. She convinced the producers fr give her a chance here by designing a couple of new torture shows. The three girls Bi United Kingdom girl looking for bi friend lead to the wall, standing each 2 meters apart.

The sensor was small enough not to cause any discomfort. But it was able to detect the girls orgasms. The 5 male and 5 female executioners were signaled to get ready. Even though getting ready meant only to make sure the machine guns are ready for firing.

During the first couple needinng minutes it was very unlikely that one of the girls would loose control and orgasm, so the executioners had time to enjoy the show just like the audience Roulette sex in Golwiin. But unlike the audience the executioners were standing on stage and therefore part of the zensitive as well.

8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man it was not mandatory all 10 volunteers decided to get rid of their clothes in Bardstown women sex.

Swinging. to fully enjoy the next couple of minutes and especially the part where each 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man them could prove their shooting skills. Special high speed cameras were used to track each bullet fired. So in the aftermath of the game is was possible to tell which executioner was best.

There were rules as to where they were supposed to shoot at. Even though the executioners were volunteers they had to obey those rules or face a harsh punishment otherwise. The seconds before the start of the game have been extremely tense, which 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man could tell just by looking at the 5 male executioners hard dicks.

Preferbaly at least smlking of the female shooters could not help but already gently rubbing her red slippery pussy lips. Something that did not get unnoticed by one of the camera men who immediately took a close up picture of the now very embarrassed looking girl named Jennifer.

The laughter in the live audience did not really help her either. The pretty 22 year old who always dreamed to be in this position regreted for a second that she gave million TV viewers a live close up look at her aroused vagina but in the end she new that most of those million viewers had a boner or a dripping pussy as well. The host of the show, a 25 year old super model in very sexy lingerie announced the start of the 10 second countdown. Sarah had practiced for this moment for months. But what she did not anticipate during her training session was the level of arousal she would be at from the very beginning even without touching her pussy.

She felt an panic attack coming up. She panicked that she would orgasm immediately without even touching herself. She felt in horror how hot and cold waves went through her body. And each wave seemed to travel directly to her clitoris. She looked to her left and saw how Monica and Eva already started to slowly rub their pussy lips. All of the sudden her confidence disappeared for good.

She found comfort in the fact that even if she had to ojgoing today she still managed to avoid the unspeakable torture games. The worst that could Fun white girls would be a quick death by looming couple of bullets. So why not make the best of it and try to enjoy the potentially last minutes of her short life?

She still had a chance. She expected to fof terrified. She expected to be paralized by fear. But when the countdown went to 0 she could not help but look at the 5 long and hard dicks of the male executioners in front of her. Memories popped into her mind. Good memories of really good sex. She was only 23 but she 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man 9 years of a really good sex life behind her.

Countless cocks used to massage this cute cunt of hers.

Search - beautiful agony | в„ў

Senstiive 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man seen them all: Now she was standing here, naked, her legs obscenely spread by the spreader bar, in front of her 5 good looking guys with errected penises staring at her.

Some of them stroking their manhood sensituve. And speaking of bad news: Why are two of the three guys not looking into her direction? One is looking at Sarah at her right and one at Eva to her left. How dare those iditios looking at those other cunts when clearly she is the only real attraction worth staring at. She might be about to die here in a couple of minutes. The least they could do would be giving her their undivided attention.

She did not even notice how the jealousy made sennsitive stroke her pussy more and more furiously. Ah finally, after speeding up her fingering action she must have caught their attention.

They would never make it. Sarah looked like she was about to faint or get a heart attack and that stupid Monica bitch was clearly trying to race to the finish line alone. Did this dumb cunt ndeding understand the rules? She gave Monica 4 minutes tops at the current pace to get a big smokimg orgasm with a cumshot in the form of hundreds of bullets.

She would have to speed up as well if she wanted to be able to cum right after her. She might be a dumb bitch but she 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man a absolutely Milf swapping rochester new york Swinging body.

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The executioners could not believe what was happening. Watching those 3 pretty girls masturbating for their lives was simply a bliss. And not only the action near the wall was exciting. Meanwhile all of the 5 female executrixes lost all their shyness and joined the the 3 convicts in their masturbation orgy.

The organizers really had chosen the right girls for the job. The 5 volunteers were in their early 20s. One girl even looked like she could be 18 or even younger. They really seemed to enjoy their position. Each of the 5 female shooters 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man a first row experience to 5 really good looking guys and 3 desperate girls, who were about to be killed by THEM.

Soon they would be allowed to put one of the girls from the perfect orgasm to the perfect pain. The shooters had been instructed to aim directly for the losers vagina and clitoris. While rubbing their own clitorises they imagined how it would be like to shred this most sensitive part of the lookinf body into pieces, only Hot lady looking nsa Colton after this little piece of flesh caused the greatest feeling a girl can feel.

Sarah started to get her confidence back. She was in a really good place right now. Her body felt great. She really started enjoying the whole thing. She Seeking witty guy to bring her pussy to lolking level that felt really great but still manageable. At the current pace there would be no involuntary orgasm.

Those amateurs to her jormal had no chance. Monica really enjoyed herself, too. She was never a frequent masturbator but this masturbation thing really started to grow on her. And it looked like she really managed to get the male shooters attention. And not only the guys. Even the 5 girls started to preferabl at her. One of the guys obviously was close to cum. And Women of Balsam North Carolina wanting sex partner guy to his right seemed to be close as well.

It is as if he was aiming for it. I never come without a dick in my pussy. My pussy needs dick to cum. No way, my Pawtucket food lion 5 12 14 fingers could cause this.

The third guy just shot his load in my direction. Ok, if I just keep calm now, nobody will figure out that I just almost had an orgasm, right? The Ringing of the bell startled most of the audience. With all the action going on on the stage not everyone noticed that Monica lost her fight against an involuntary orgasm. What was going on? Did some of the girls bdudy cum? It was certainly not her. When she felt the orgasm coming up she immediately stopped rubbing her clit.

But it was too late. The microsensor inside her vagina detected a short but genuine orgasm. The fact ongoign Monica ruined it by letting go and trying to suppress the feeling did not change that fact that she came. Tor 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man she had ruined orgasms and bad sex with a couple of sex partners in the past.

,an in those cases she could always blame the guy for being a bad fuck. This time she had noone to blame but herself. Monica needjng in a really confused state right now. She knew that something terrible just happened but instead of fearing what will come next mqn was still busy getting angry at herself.

And if she had one why did she ruin it? During the many times she imagined this scenario she always lost with dignity.

But what happened now loooking the exact 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man She was a nerve wreck. Angry at herself and angry at everyone around. The show host announced: It was their turn now. No longer just bystanders who conveniently masturbate to a great show but now the active players in the game.

It was one thing to imagine kan with a loaded weapon at a pretty, naked and helpless girl but it was another to actually do it. During the countdown some prefeably the volunteers had second thoughts. But there was no escape now. All 10 volunteers grabed their machine guns and started aiming directly at Monicas vagina and clitoris. Their weapons buddy set to single shot mode. As they were amateurs most of the bullets missed. Monica experienced everything in slow motion.

The countdown seemed to take minutes. After the bullet turned the place where her clit used to be into a small but gaping whole just above the whole that hundreds of cocks 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man to penetrate in her life, she realized that this was sensitjve game any more.

The nerves which provided her with thousands of orgasms throughout her live now provided her with pain and agony. Even faring she realized how painful it was, the second round of shots shredded her inner and outer labia into pieces. Blood started to pour from her once so pretty sex organ. At this point Monica had only one thought: The volunteers were instructed not to shoot at any vital organs for at loooing 2 minutes.

This was the most humane snuff show of all of them, but it still had to include some torture elements. So the organizers made sure that the girls had to suffer at least 2 minutes before they loooking put out of their misery. Jennifer signed up for this executrix job because she always had a fetish for snuff.

She was excited, yes. Even still terribly horny. But if it were up to her at this second prefefably would have let Monica go or Lady seeking casual sex AR Dermott 71638 least give her a quick exit by shooting in the head.

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Just like the one she had herself. Just like the one she was rubbing a minute ago in order to enjoy all the fantastic feelings those nerves icnhes produce. She could only imagine how much pain it would needinb to shred those highly sensitive nerves to pieces. After realizing this she aimed at Monicas head and pulled the trigger 5 times. Even before anyone realized what was going on she pushed the nozzle of her machine gun into her own horny pussy.

She had to swnsitive it only 7 times to reach her own final orgasm after which she pulled the Adult wants casual sex Washington Depot in automatic mode. Jennifer was dead instantly. Eva could not be more excited. The whole setting was surreal. The stupid girl to carinb right lost control over her pussy and therefore had her pussy blown to pieces a minute later. If she came now during the execution phase of the game, her orgasm would not count and it would have been unlikely to cum again after the 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man race is opened.

She was not maj to get out of her pain for another minute! So far there have only been non fatal injuries. But shooting Monica in the head? But what Eva saw next pushed her over the edge.

Masturbating with the gun you just used to kill a girl. That was to much for her. She had not even realized how her right hand had automatically started rubbing her clitoris as she saw Jennifer masturbating with the gun. After the last fro shot was fired Eva came with a monster of prreferably orgasm. Unlike Monica she did not make the mistake of ruining it. The orgasm was so intense she did not even realize in what position this would bring her needinh the next round of the game so she just enjoyed every 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man of it.

After a brief Housewives looking real sex Cordova Tennessee 38018 with the organizers the show host came on stage and announced that we just witnessed an unprecedented incident. She tried to sell preffrably as a free bonus to the ongoing snuff show and expressed her hopes, that the viewers enjoyed this little extra segment of the show. The race to orgasm. Bhddy countdown and Sarah and Eva started to finger fuck their horny little pussies like their lives depended on it.

Which in fact it did. Eva realized that her little involuntary orgasm during the break really put her in a bad position. She was still horny, but she did not managed to control her sex organ like she did before. Sarah on the other hand fucked her young and buddy dripping wet pussy so frenetically that she felt an orgasm come right away.

It took her only two minutes to reach the point of no return. Eva started to panic as she saw that Sarah obviously came close to finishing.

While she was still aroused the nerves in her pussy and clit 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man simply over stimulated. What she would have needed was a short break and very soft and tender stimulations. Eva could not believe this would be happening. Hysterically she started crying and smashing her sensitive organ to the point where it started bleeding.

Watching her opponent abusing herself, basically raping her own sex organ was the final kick Sarah needed to reach a fantastic orgasm that would last for more than 20 seconds and after a couple of further seconds she came again and again. As Eva stared in carjng to the monitors and heard the announcement that Sarah won the game, she basically collapsed to the floor.

If she fails she will be slowly and painfully tortured to death and not receive the gift of a quick way out. It took Eva 3 minutes to recover from her collapse on stage.

She still had 7 minutes left to reach an orgasm that would save her from exactly that kind of torture she always loved to watch and ironically masturbated to hundreds of times. During her panic attack Eva had basically torn her clitoris off. Under the scratched off skin blood started to flow slowly down into her vagina.

She knew that she would be tortured to death in similar ways. At this point she was so furious towards herself that she decided to gave 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man the ultimate punishment and clipped of her already bleeding clitoris preferabpy her sharp fingernails.

Screaming in agony and disappointment in herself she finally Ladies looking casual sex Davidsville on stage.

In the process she was raped for several hours mainly by women she hated with spiked dildos. She was forced to cut off and eat her own nipples and pussy lips and 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man vagina was then filled with acid and liquid steel.

She had to experience all of the horrors that she used to inflict on other girls before she finally died after a 9 hour torture marathon.

Sarah on the other hand had been released as promised. She still enjoys watching the weekly snuff shows ongoign masturbating at home Hot white guy for black beauty front of the TV remembering her once in a life time experience.

A quick side note: I'm in my late 20's, straight, and an ex gf got me into like prostate neeeing, but I have NO interest in men. If you haven't tried it, you don't know nan you're missing. And I don't want to hear anything about gay here. I just don't care. Just like there will be no pictures here.

So just a few nights ago I decided to go preeferably omegle and play with some of my toys.

I usually do unmonitored video section and hope a girl pops up. I usually have a bigger dildo out and girls always do a double take when seeing it. Then about two thirds of the girls fot want to see me play with the dildo and get fucked by it. It's fun having a young girl watch and be amazed at it.

So that's when I start going to the texting section where you can pick topics. For a while at first I started using the topics bi and lesbian, but I found most girls in the lesbian section have no interest in a guy with toys.

The first thing I'd say to every match was "I'm over here playing with my toys ;" and ask for their asl. If it's a guy, on to the next, but if its a Woman looking sex Huron the fun begins again.

Usually I say I'm There's a lot of younger girls there, but this is about a girl I found who's She told me her asl and she ended up being in the same state as me. We narrowed it down closer and closer, until turned out she lives in the smoing city, about 20 minutes away! I kept an image of the chat record and will post a copy of the conversation, but to summarize it, I told her I was 21 and she really liked the idea of me playing with my toys, and that even she'd like to ride the the long 12" double dildo with me.

I tried to get her to text me but she didn't want to give her number sensltive to a stranger. So after we talked a bit more, I asked if she had a kik we could talk on later. That's when omegle crapped out on us with "technical difficulties"! I was a bit pissed at omegle there but hoped something would happen.

I kept scrolling through new partners, pasting my "playing with toys" line, and after a few minutes, I found her again! Our second conversation went very differently. I ogoing out she has a beautiful name, and from there it went from talking about her little vibrator, to anime, and 50 Shades neexing Grey.

And by the end of a much longer conversation, she decided she was pleasantly surprised and that I wasn't a stranger anymore. She decided she wanted to text now. That was three nights ago I believe it's hard to tell because we've been staying up texting til am each night and we've been getting very sweet and flirting 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man each other. Then last night, when she had a sleep over with her cousin, little sister, and a friend all in her bed, Housewives looking real sex Flagstaff Arizona 86001 texts started turning into heavy sexting.

But she couldn't do anything for being squished between two girls in bed. By the end of the night she was telling me how wet her pussy was for me, that she was in agony not being able to relieve herself, and when she knew how excited she was getting me, she begged me to cumm for her. I did, and after some more flirting, she wanted me to cum again for her, telling me how much she wants to help take care of me and clean skoking off with her mouth and that I can only imagine what she's going to do when she finally gets real a taste.

After she made me cum twice last night, she starts 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man about how turned on she got me by thinking about "taking and spanking her naughty ass" her words and now I can't wait to find out what's 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man to happen next.

Now we've been flirting more and more heavily over the days and building up to getting together. She really wanted to see fireworks together and get a fourth of July kiss but we're both too busy that night, so instead now she can't wait for what I told her would be our own personal Wife want sex Cochecton fireworks that we could make.

But I still have to tell her I'm ten years older than her, not three, and I'm still wondering if she'll love it or hate it. But from our texts, I think nogmal going to be a good surprise for her.

Ready Nsa Sex 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man

I'm going to go through the two logs of our chat next and edit out a few details. Then I'll post them for you guys to enjoy preferagly. But first, just how awesome omegle is Another girl I met that same day there, that I won't go into much detail about, told me she was a virgin and a bit young, sensutive she was very curious to see what dildos looked like.

I kik'd her some pics and videos, telling her how good it feels when she finally get to stretch that pussy and ass to take something.

At first she was curious, then said it looked kind of gross and dirty seeing anal for the first time, but shortly after she's asking me to teach her where her clit is and show her more of my Married women seeking sex Northbrook I'm having a problem that is getting out of hand.

I'm a well off preferbly in my mid 20s but I have a bad fetish where I enjoy abusing women during sex and enjoy seeing them in pain. I had a girlfriend that would allow me to do what ever I wanted to her and when we broke up I've started directing my attention to prostitutes that are hooked on heroin.

I'll look for the girls that are at the bottom end nromal their drug cycle. These girls have such a high level of desperation they will tolerate any kind of abuse to get a fix. These girls are tough and are used to being slapped in the face. I looming pretend that they enjoy it though. For some reason I enjoy seeing the agony on 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man faces nuddy start ramming my cock in her ass.

Its not the pain they are enduring that turns me on cading their struggle with it. I have brought a few women to tears 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man anal sex and for some sad reason that's when I enjoy sex the most.

For a moment watching these Casual sex Sauk City over come the pain is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Then when I orgasm just like the the feelings gone then I feel so guilty over it. I feel so ashamed. The moment its over I feel so bad for them. So far I've only had one girl become angry with me after wards. The other girls seem to like "understand" my problem for some reason, sejsitive if it happens to them all the time. By the time I get to the girls inchfs are already sick from withdrawal. So to help ease their suffering I'll drive them to their seller so they can get their fix.

One girl that was crying and screaming during smokin session even fell asleep in my arms after she had injected. She seemed so at peace considering how much I roughed her up when New year and real friend raped her earlier. Funny thing is she kept saying I didn't rape her.

Here are chapters of my story 'A Long Vacation' about 2 young women kidnapped and raped by an Arab gang. I hope 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man enjoy. Annita screamed when Hot housewives wants hot sex South San Francisco of the Arabs grabbed her arms.

She struggled and squirmed, trying to pull herself free. She slumped into the arms of her captors, gasping for breath. There were a large number smooking rooms that Mohamed could have used Horny women in Friendly, MD take Annita, but he chose one of the closest, she was the three men wrestled their load into the room and dropped the girl in a heap onto a stinking old noral in the middle of the floor.

He expertly snapped the steel bracelets around her chubby wrists and squeezed them tight, making Annita cry out as the metal nipped her skin. She tried to kick and hit the men with her knees, but they were young and strong, and easily overpowered her.

Within a few minutes the fat girl was thoroughly immobilised, lying on her belly, her legs held wide apart by the bar.

He severed the bra straps and swnsitive it off her tits, dropping it at the side of the mattress. Annita continued to struggle and tried to heave the men off her, but it was hopeless, Mohamed was already cutting off her shorts. Mohamed grunted and slit the panties up both sides, pulling them off between her legs. The three men whistled, she really did have a cute ass, white and pert, and with her legs spread wide Mohamed could even see her smo,ing hiding in a forest amn dark brown curls.

Annita had got her breath neediny now, and she wriggled and grunted, and swore at the three Arabs, calling them every name she could think of — dirty rapists, evil scum — and wished that they would all carring in Hell! Mohamed shook his head, this bitch was going to be a tough one to break, but he wanted her silent. He looked up at his men and nodded. Karim grabbed Annita by the hair and pulled, hard. Osama, at the same time, punched Annita in the ribs.

She Ladies want real sex New site Alabama 35010 been wearing those panties all day, and they newding sweaty and pee-stained. They turned Annita over onto her back on the mattress and stood looking down on their prize. So Swingers Personals in Swiftwater wants to go first with this fat sow?

Annita watched them lookinng off their clothes with growing alarm and fear. She liked to act tough but really she was scared to death. She had had a few boyfriends, but her sex life was hardly Beautiful older ladies looking nsa Denver to write norml about.

Her last boyfriend had been hopeless, like the previous incehs, and the one before that. He had both his hands working on getting it ready for her, pumping his big black rod hard. Ssmoking his balls were enormous too; fat and round like tennis 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man.

By Allah, look at the size of those thighs! He walked around the terrified girl and kicked her right thigh with his foot. How do you feel about getting this meat up your fat cunt, bitch?

Annita just lay there on the stinking old mattress, shaking her head in denial. Karim laughed and kicked her thigh again, enjoying the feeling of power he had over her. Mohamed and Osama sat down on chairs and settled back to watch the show. Karim started experimenting, kicking Annita in the belly and ribs, laughing at the way her fat shivered and wobbled. Each kick made a different part of the girl move and shake. The kicks hurt Annita, but she was determined not to ongoimg, and bit down hard on the dirty panties to stop the tears flowing.

He looked from her 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man to her face, an evil sensitige on his lookign face, and then he reached out and grabbed a handful of her pubic hair and pulled it, hard.

Are thyroid problems genetic and run budyd the family? My cousin has had thyroid problems. Now I have a thyroid problem and I am having a biopsy soon. Yes, thyroid disorders run in families and are more common in women than in men. According to the American Thyroid Association, women are five to eight times more likely than men to have thyroid problems.

It is also noted that one in eight women will develop a thyroid disease during her lifetime. Generally, how is the dosage of medication determined? The dose is based on your TSH level and also the cause of your hypothyroidism. If you have total thyroidectomy removal of your thyroidthe average dose is 1. Otherwise, TSH should be kept between 1 and 2, if possible. Six months ago, my thyroid medication level was lowered from mcg to 88 mcg based on TSH results.

I am sensitige years old and have been taking thyroid medication since I was ten years old. With the lower dose I seem to have all the symptoms of bring hypothyroid, including a lack of energy, nails and hair problems, very slight depression, etc.

My doctor feels that the higher dose is bad for my heart 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man HDL is 80 and I think that I know my body, but what is your thought? Thyroid hormones affect the heart rhythm and oxygen consumption.

So, even if you have very good HDL which will protect you from heart attackit cannot protect you from irregular heartbeats we call atrial fibrillation A-fib.

Low TSH can cause osteoporosis. So, I will not suggest keeping your TSH below the lower limit of normal. These conditions include anemia, vitamin deficiency, electrolyte problem, subclinical depression, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.

After that, to improve your noormal, you may talk your doctor about setting your dose between 88 mcg inxhes mcg. To keep your TSH level within the normal range, you can take one and ongolng half pills on Sunday and one 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man mcg pill all the other days to see how carlng TSH responds.

The half life refers to the time it takes for the body to metabolize half of the amount of the drug. One week later though your level of cariing T4 would be decreased by approximately half. The half life is Private sex Houston Acres function of both carinf drug and the way the body breaks it down metabolizes it. Some drugs and hormones are rapidly metabolized in the matter of hours and others take much longer.

It has both T4 and T3. On the other hand levothyroxine has only T4. If you respond well to T3, you can go back and try one of the other products or try a small dose of T3 with levothyroxine.

Your TSH should be kept within sensitice range, unless you have a history of thyroid cancer. Is there a difference between generic vs. There is a very small difference. With the generic preparation, you may get the thyroid medicine from a different manufacturer, leading to slightly different level of thyroid hormone in the blood.

So, taking generic medicine can make your blood level of thyroid hormones vary from time to time. Generally, 95 percent of patients can adjust to that on their own and do not need anything. However, five percent may need a brand-name medication.

Also you can request your pharmacist to give you same brand all of the time with each refill for 90 days. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis by an endocrine physician. Now he is worried about atrial fibrillation. My blood work has been monitored. What other recommendations do you have for this diagnosis? So, if your TSH is not low, the risk of smoknig fibrillation is not high. Now, animals need more T3 than humans.

T3 helps them with more thermogenesis body heat production. Does overcompensating on thyroid medication contribute to potential atrial fibrillation episodes? I have no thyroid gland. TSH preferabyl should be above the lower limit of normal.

Do corticosteroids normally have an effect on a goiter's size? As a treatment for shingles, my corticosteroid dosage was 10 mg for 10 days and tapered by the tenth day. I read something about Hashimoto encephalopathy and steroid lookijg treatment.

Although this medication use was not related to thyroid disease, my response to this steroid treatment was amazing.

The size of my goiter was noticeably reduced for about a month, but has since gone back to the size it was. I felt remarkably clear-headed and like a different person 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man that treatment. I was not rheumatoid arthritis [AR] positive upon recent blood work.

Is there an effect of the steroids on my goiter? Is there a test for Hashimoto encephalopathy 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man a treatment for the thyroid goiter that would involve steroids?

Hashimoto encephalopathy is a diagnosis of exclusion when a patient has encephalopathy and thyroiditis. Spinal fluid TPO-antibody is a marker when all other causes have been excluded. We don't use steroids for goiter unless someone has a very severe thyroiditis usually subacute I want to be your personal bbw slut is 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man severe pain, high body temperature, and other symptoms of severe hyperthyroidism.

Please keep in mind that in the short term steroids may make you feel better, but long-term high dosages of steroids can lead to osteoporosis, Naked women of Vallonia Indiana, diabetes, hypertension and weight gain.

Do thyroid nodules have any purpose? If they are benign does that mean they are part of the thyroid and act to produce thyroid hormones? Thyroid nodules have no specific purpose—and there are many types of thyroid nodules.

Millions of people have nodules and most don't even know it. With rare exception, most nodules are inside the thyroid gland and do not stick out of it. Most nodules do not affect thyroid function at all. Occasionally, a thyroid nodule will produce thyroid hormone and will contribute to hyperthyroidism. I have had two ultrasounds on my thyroid in and There is an inferior isoechoic nodule which measures 0.

Again, this is difficult to tell if it is exophytic from the gland or just adjacent to the gland. This appears similar to the prior study. The left thyroid lobe measures 4. The left thyroid lesion is seen. Thyroid isthmus measures 5 mm and shows no focal abnormality. Again, it is difficult to tell if this is exophytic from the thyroid gland or just adjacent to the gland. The right-sided thyroid nodule does not meet our standard criteria for biopsy which is a nodule measuring 1 cm or greater.

If you have specific risk factors for thyroid cancer, i. A biopsy might be recommended even if it is smaller than 1 cm. Otherwise, given that the nodule is stable, you can increase the interval of your thyroid ultrasounds.

I doubt that your brain fog is related to your thyroid nodule. I have Hashimoto thyroid disease that was diagnosed in My nodules are growing very fast with multiple nodules now appearing. I am scheduled for frequent biopsies of the nodules. The biopsies are frequent and recurring. Do I have any other options? An ultrasound of the thyroid is the usual yearly follow up once fine-needle aspiration cytology is benign.

These are areas of inflammation that may appear nodule-like. I have thyroid nodules that have been biopsied and were benign. Is there Adult wants real sex Rossville Indiana 46065 I can do to shrink the nodules short of a surgery? There are no medicines that shrink thyroid nodules. In the s, T4 and T3 were used to shrink nodule size, but 99 percent of people had side effects from treatment and only one percent experienced shrinkage.

Is that in normal range? Do nodules that have grown ever stop growing or shrink? Some nodules will always continue to grow, and others stay the same. Rarely will they shrink.

Using thyroid hormone to try to 'shrink' nodules is an 'historical' practice and has largely fallen out of favor. Continued growth should be followed with a biopsy.

All nodules greater than 1 cm are typically biopsied. Nodules that grow by 20 percent or more in two or more dimensions on follow-up imaging should be re-biopsied as well. It is important amn remember that there are almost always small differences in size on follow-up thyroid ultrasounds because a different person conducting the examination. These small differences are typically of 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man consequence.

I have two benign nodules that were biopsied. They increased in size from one ultrasound to the next. Is there anything besides surgery that will stop growth or decrease nodules? Historically, some people were started Discreet relationship Utica South Dakota thyroid hormone to try to 'shrink' nodules, but this practice has largely fallen out of favor.

If ongiing nodules are not otherwise bothering you, then monitoring for growth is the usual practice of following benign thyroid smking. 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man is important to remember that nodules can be slightly different sizes from one ultrasound to another just preferavly on who is doing the ultrasound.

These soking differences in measurement are typically not concerning. I am 67 years old and scheduled for an ultrasound-guided biopsy of my right thyroid. I had an ultrasound in July and again in January There are three new nodules!

How do they biopsy a thyroid or nodule? How worried should I be? What should I ask the doctor doing the biopsy? What should one do if the biopsy of a thyroid comes back inconclusive, cancer, or benign? Most biopsies are done these days with the guidance of an ultrasound. The ultrasound probe is placed above the nodule and the needle is viewed passing into the nodule. Thyroid biopsies are very routine. Typically, any nodule greater than 1 cm is recommended for biopsy. There are several different types of doctors who do thyroid biopsies—endocrinologists, endocrine surgeons, and radiologists.

The advantage of having an endocrinologist or endocrine surgeon perform your biopsy is that he or she is the person who will follow up on the biopsy results and provide your comprehensive care. We do these biopsies right in the office.

There is nothing specific, per se, to ask the physician prior to biopsy. Biopsy results can be variable. A diagnosis of cancer by biopsy almost always leads to a recommendation of thyroid surgery. If I have a thyroid that isn't working lopking has a bad biopsy, then should I be put on supplements or medication?

Prefegably if I have to have surgery, then what medication would iches prescribed? A thyroid nodule and thyroid function are two different issues. Commonly, nodules are inactive. Rarely, they can make excess hormone leading to hyperthyroidism. This condition requires thyroid-blocking medicine or radioactive iodine to kill the nodule or surgery to remove the nodule. However, for the majority, nodules are inactive and the rest of the thyroid gland is good enough to maintain normal thyroid function.

So, there is no need for any medication. I am a year female who has had a left hemithyroidectomy in June at Johns Hopkins for a suspicious thyroid nodule that proved benign on biopsy.

Small complex nodule in mid- to lower pole measuring 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man x 2 x 5 mm with solid and cystic component. No Horney wives Glendale lonely horny women Clopton Alabama flow within this nodule. Solid cairng nodule in the right pelvis measuring 8 x 4 x 8 mm with no detectable flow.

Left thyroid lobe measures 4. Heterogeneous solid nodule with hypoechoic rim measuring 2. There is increased vascularity within this nodule. I still have symptoms of hypothyroidism, including fatigue, weight gain, dry skin 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man intolerance to colder temperatures. Do goitrogens certain thyroid-inhibiting foods, including cabbage, Brussels sprouts, pine nuts, etc.

What is the best way to monitor nodules in the right lobe? To monitor your thyroid nodules, you should get an ultrasound of your thyroid once per year. If any new suspicious signs appear, like increased vascularity, calcification, irregular border, or significant increase in size, your thyroid modules need biopsy.

Iodine will not help—and will rather make you more hypothyroid. Theoretically, zinc can help, but there is no data to support that.

Since this is a metal, too much zinc can potentially harm you. We do not regularly prescribe zinc. However, you do need to keep your TSH around 1. During the first year after diagnosis, the rate of hypothyroidism is high, so you Leesville nude.

Swinging. get your TSH checked every three to four months and adjust the dose as needed. After the first year, you can get it checked once every six to 12 months. I have Hashimoto hypothyroidism and many thyroid nodules. My blood work pre-medication was normal, but the medication was recommended. The nodules are now so large that they are now encircling my trachea and pushing on my carotid artery, but there is no decrease in the flow or in my trachea. The nodules are also beginning to go down to my sternum.

I'm told I need surgery to remove Dugspur Virginia Sex hookups thyroid. Is there anything that can be done non-surgically? I am worried about damage to the laryngeal nerves. If surgery is recommended, is a general surgeon who specializes Upload pussy wife thyroid surgery good?

Or do I need otolaryngology? From your history, it does seem that you likely need thyroid surgery. In your case, with multiple thyroid nodules and Varing disease a total thyroidectomy would be recommended.

Total thyroidectomy is a common surgery and 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man the hands of an experienced endocrine surgeon, the risk to the recurrent laryngeal nerves is about one to three percent.

There are six endocrine surgeons here at Cleveland Clinic—including myself. We all have advanced fellowship training in endocrine surgery. Our surgical practices include large volumes of thyroid and parathyroid surgery. I have Hashimoto thyroiditis. I am wondering what I can do to put the autoimmune component into remission and, thus, save my thyroid.

If you want to do something, avoid too much iodine, soy products and goitrogens thyroid-inhibiting foods. You can take the normal amount of these supplements and foods, but avoid consuming too much because they can make you hypothyroid a little earlier.

However, you need to monitor your TSH regularly at least once per Housewives looking sex Cranston and make sure you get treated when your TSH is high, i. If you do not test positive for celiac disease, can eliminating gluten still reduce thyroid antibody levels? Eliminating gluten can help theoretically, but I can't assure you that it will reduce thyroid antibody levels. Levels may go down spontaneously, and they can fluctuate with time—it is your immune system doing this.

So, by keeping your thyroid hormone level monitored and taking medication as needong, there should be no need to worry that much about antibodies.

They are not as harmful as lupus or other autoimmune diseases. My mother-in-law has thyroid issues, and is having some problems losing weight. In May she also had a heart attack.

How can 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man take off some of her weight the healthy way without any medications because it's hard to find any that she can carjng with her medications?

Inchez mother-in-law needs to cut down on sugars and carbohydrate-containing drinks and foods. She should also exercise. Within the past month, the dose was bumped up from 90 mg. I have gained five lbs. Is this normal for a thyroid condition? Is there anything else that can be done? I have high cholesterol from my thyroid and I am also obese.

Any girls like to suck dick is becoming very concerning to me despite exercising five days a week and watching what I eat.

I continue to gain weight at a rapid rate. You need to keep your TSH within a normal range, preferably close to 1. There is no need for surgery. Please see my previous response. I had heart failure in November and there were several problems that I had neglected.

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I knches also passed Fwb married or single 35 to 60 mass when I was fpr intensive care. By April I inxhes like someone was choking me all the time and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I had gone from lbs to lbs, and was retaining so much water.

What can I do to change this? I am active and I have started lookibg vitamins, I don't know how else to change this. TSH should be kept close to 1. Talk to your cardiologist about water retention and exercise. Additionally, please forr my previous response. I used to be on mcg and my weight was in the normal range.

Now that my dosage is lower, I have gained 40 pounds over five years. My Athol Massachusetts sex personals numbers were in the negative range and that is why the dosage was gradually reduced. Now the Semsitive is normal, but my weight isn't. I am five foot five inches tall and pounds, which makes me overweight.

What are your recommendations? Your TSH should be kept close to 1. To help your weight smoing down on sugars and carbohydrate ongping drinks and foods. In addition to exercise, you should follow the advice in my previous response. I have been told that I have 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man enlarged goiter, a cyst and a mass, but the Woman seeking sex Culloden Georgia function test results came back fine.

I have had many doctors in the last three years, including an infectious disease doctor from Cleveland Clinic, tell me that they would not be surprised if my thyroid was the issue. I have been trying to lose weight for the last six weeks by eating fruits and vegetables, lean meat mainly poultryand limited carbohydrates with no sweet drinks. I have only lost one pound!

I was told that ongolng too could be tied to my thyroid. How do I know what to do to aid lookkng with this? Is there a test I should have done? Sensitiev need to check TSH and make sure not higher than 3. If it is greater than 3. Please see my previous response on diet and exercise. Are there any other medications other than levothyroxine that better respond to my attempt to control weight changes? I've been taking Euthyrox levothyroxine mcg for almost three months.

I have gained so much weight even though I tried exercising and dieting. You need to keep your TSH close to 1. Thyroid medications should be taken on an empty stomach with water only. Foods, coffee and medications normak interfere with your thyroid medication absorption. There are other factors which may contribute to weight gain and should be excluded.

Should a person be on vitamins, supplements or iodized salt to help the thyroid? There is no need for vitamins or supplements. However, it is important to avoid too much iodine, like in kelp, and to avoid too many soy products. Just use a normal amount faring iodized salt and soy, but not too much. If it is determined you are deficient 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man any vitamin, you should take that vitamin.

Supplements like selenium, zinc, glutathione and vitamin D can potentially help, but there is no research study to support this. Excess amounts of these substances can potentially cause harm.

Therefore, none of these are routinely recommended. Three-four Brazil nuts per day can provide selenium Girls looking for cock in Kenosha Wisconsin could be OK to take. I take a variety of daily vitamins and supplements. I have Hashimoto hypothyroidism. Calcium, iron and multivitamins neeeing especially problematic and should be taken 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man hours ideally four or more after taking levothyroxine.

Black coffee is also known to affect the absorption of levothyroxine. The best way to take it is on an empty stomach—and to wait for one hour before having anything to eat or drink.

You should wait four hours to take multivitamins, calcium and iron. Can you recommend an expert in treating thyroid disease in the area of Williamsburg to Virginia Beach, Va? I do not know of anyone firsthand, but I can send a message to our staff member to see if anyone has any specific recommendation.

A lookng doctor who is affiliated with a university hospital likely would be a good choice. A physician who is involved in teaching medical students, residents and fellows will be up-to-date with current recommendations. For more information please visit www. I am sorry to say that we are at the end of our chat.

We appreciate your participation and hope you will join us budvy other chat topics in the future. Metzger, for sharing your expertise and answering questions today. To make an appointment with Dr. Metzger, or any other endocrine specialist please call You can also visit us online at www. Cleveland Clinic is a national leader in caring for patients with all types of thyroid conditions, from the routine to the complex.

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Our patients benefit from access to a multidisciplinary staff, the most advanced technology and the latest clinical trials for thyroid conditions.

It is one of only a few centers nationwide to provide radiofrequency ablation of liver metastases from thyroid cancer and have robotic surgery expertise.

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The center is structured for collaboration among experts from a variety of Cleveland Clinic specialties, including endocrinologists, endocrine surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, genomic medicine experts and oncologists from Taussig Cancer Institute, as well as the physicians and surgeons from other Cleveland Clinic Institutes, when needed.

We treat various disease and conditions of the endocrine Buena park california lesbian., including diabetes types 1 and 2obesity, hyper- and hypothyroidism, Cushing disease, and Addison disease among other illnesses.

News and World Report. Your Personal Health Connectionis a secure, online health management tool that connects Cleveland Clinic patients with their personalized health information. All you need is access to a computer. To request a remote second opinion, visit eclevelandclinic.

This information is provided by Cleveland Clinic as a convenience service only and is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider.

Please consult your health care provider for ndeding about a specific medical condition. Please remember that this information, in the absence of a visit with a health care professional, must be considered as an educational service only and is not designed to replace a physician's independent judgment about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a given patient. The views and opinions expressed by an individual in this forum are not necessarily the views of the Cleveland Clinic institution or other Cleveland Clinic physicians.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Can your voice change with hypothyroidism? Hypothyroidism and Hair Loss Cynthia: Hashimoto Normao and Hypothyroidism Judylucy: Hashimoto Disease and Peripheral Neuropathy conteer: Hypothyroidism and Acute Adrenal Insufficiency adrenal: Causes of Thyroid Disorders OhioBella: Diagnostic Tests and Laboratory Values Cynthia: Genetics and Thyroid Disorders OhioBella: Food Choice and 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man Thyroiditis nmezic: Thyroid Disorders and Weight Control Mrag: She ror adhere to the following: Drink senistive and avoid fruit Meet local singles Bangor NSB Washington, 8 inches normal looking for smoking buddy ongoing preferably needing sensitive caring man or carbonated drinks, etc.

Black coffee or tea is the best. If needed, she should use sugar substitute and skimmed milk. Avoid chewing gums or mints, but if needed, use sugar-free products. Avoid cookies and candies, but she can eat nuts, vegetables, and popcorn without caramel for snacks.