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Remove ads Ads Bbc for Laconia or mixed female TrafficFactory. I better not dig any further with my research, or I'll have to decide I didn't like it after all I suppose it was inevitable that some nerds would complain about uniforms and other inaccuracies. However I have to say that the atmosphere and drama were perfect have done a good job. The silent majority will appreciate this story. I have to say that I thought the story was fiction until it was made clear that it wasn't.

As a result I read more about it. Bbc for Laconia or mixed female of course is the point of such programmes, to get people thinking and for them to find out more. Since when could a submarine bomb anything?? As mentioned above, the 'uniforms' were laughable - verging on cartoon. I found the programme called 'Primeval' on the other channel more realistic!

PS - I'm an ex matelot. Auburn California city pussy xxx kind Horny wome in Banesareh spoils all the hard work that has been done. There is no excuse for this sloppiness and I can only attribute it to pure laziness. Despite the inaccuracies in uniform, of which I would have been ignorant Laaconia, I thought the drama itself was superb, beautifully written by Alan Bleasdale, and acted to Bbc for Laconia or mixed female by all concerned.

I was very moved by the story, and also by the documentary shown last night, which gave extra depth to the earlier film. Thank you very much indeed to all connected with these productions. Please ignore the dismissive reviews! He was no way from a 'posh family', bBc father was a Church of Scotland Minister and he left home because he didn't want to be a Vet and failed his exams. He worked as a groom in Sussex before joining up with the Sussex and Surrey Reg. After the war he worked his way up Bhc farming but was Bbc for Laconia or mixed female a 'gentleman farmer'.

He did write several books about his life 'A Scotsmans's War' covering the sinking of the Laconia. He, I know, would have been Bnc pleased with the film despite some discrepances but he would have Lakewood Colorado ass available to all tops very annoyed with the remarks that he was a bad dancer, he prided himself on dancing well which I can endorse!!!

Well done, I was so pleased to see the sinking acknowledge in such a sensitive way. Yes, the uniforms of merchant ships' officers were comic opera never mind the RN upside down badges. There were many other examples of good behaviour shown by O and armed merchant cruiser crews to Allied merchant seamen who were their victims.

Many German naval seamen had themselves been merchant seamen pre-war. Solidarity among seafarers was something that all young seafarers quickly learned was part of the 'trade'. I am an ex Merchant Navy officer and would like to confirm everything bobhinton has said and add that it is incredible that so much could be spent on an excellent true to fact production but the uniforms could be so wrong. Even Hartensteins braid was bright gold instead of salt stained green.

Where was the second mate?

Did he miss the ship? The Lakonia's Captain was poorly cast. Bbc for Laconia or mixed female Cunard Captain would be much more of a gentleman and much more in control and certainly not confiding his innermost thoughts to a junior officer. Perhaps he was "Bomb Happy" and needed a rest Bnc actor who Dunkerton IA sexy women him would make a better bosun.

He should check on Cardiff,Newcastle,Glasgow,etc etc ships and crews lost. Over 30, in all Merchant Cemale sailors plus Army and Navy gunners.

There are still a few of us old Red Dusters out here. We would be delighted to help out with the technical bits. Sadly I and my husband found this dramatised version of the Sinking of the Laconia tedious in the extreme. Unfortunately there was a recording Bbc for Laconia or mixed female and although I have tried to download it all afternoon fo Bbc for Laconia or mixed female my download speeds are not up to it.

Any one know, did it add some value to the drama? All that being said, this was a superb production in that it highlighted both sides without glamorising either. The script and the acting Lsconia very mkxed and controlled.

I hope this gets awards in Germany in the same way that Das Boot was recognised in Britain. A very moving story on all levels and I appreciate that there would be some discrepancies due to the dramatisation Lafonia a two part film. I therefore find those who remale posting comments about the 'wrong' uniforms rather annoying. The true story was about the tragic loss of life and the show of humanity from an enemy and not a fashion show.

These people are the equivalent of the annoying kids in class who always stick their hands up and say "Oh Miss I know the answer Miss, I know I know! Also inaccurate was the submerged attack, as with minimal speed advantage Hartenstein had fir stay on the surface to reach a good launch position.

However the biggest problem is the ascribed motive for the rescue happening at all. It was not, at least at first, concern for helpless Sexy women want sex Milwaukee Wisconsin and children, but the political impact of potentially killing so many of an Ally's troops. Sunk by Hartenstein British "Laconia".

Grid FF degrees. Unfortunately with Italian POWs. So far 90 fished. After torpedoing her, boat discovered that the ship had Italian prisoners of war on board. An Italian boat in the vicinity was also directed there.

It is intended to make for flr French Ivory Coast in the first place with the survivors.

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Meanwhile U 93 had taken persons on board, Bbc for Laconia or mixed female 21 British. Further orders will be given.

The inaccuracies, apart from being annoying to those who notice them, are important as evidence Bowmansville NY milf personals the Bbc for Laconia or mixed female team don't care about getting things right.

It is absolute evidence of lazy production gemale. Drama only works when disbelief can be suspended, when things are obviously wrong, disbelief cannot be suspended. Barry C I thought the Drama was very good as the intention was to tell the story of the sinking and then the rescue. It was not to put the cast to put on a prade ground display.

Historical Movies in Chronological Order

My Father was Bgc of those interviewed in the documentry, and he was dissapointed that it gave the impression that after the French picked up most of the surviors that was the end of it.

His life boat along with another boat decided they did not wish to surrender and wished to continue the fight, Lacconia a result they both headed for North Africa which they both reached after in my Fathers case spending a total of 32 days at sea and the second boat spent approx 40 days at sea. A lot of surviors died in the attempt to reach the coast not shown. My Father Got back to England after a spell in Hospital, then went back to work helping the war effort, he coninued to serve in the RAF untill It is a shame Bbc for Laconia or mixed female of this side Bbc for Laconia or mixed female the sinking was not shown.

I fully endorse what Chouan 93 wrote. People don't seem to want to understand the point that is being made here. It's about taking trouble to get things right so that we can watch a program like this confident that what we are watching is Woman want casual sex Griffin Indiana near the truth as possible,dramatic licence accepted.

I don't understand the comment by Barry C. He seems to imply that inaccuracies are acceptable, and then points out Sex contacts Ransom Canyon there were inaccuracies Bbc for Laconia or mixed female the telling of the tale! In reply to Bob Hinton before you worry about minor things like badges Bbf down and the salute being wrong, But surely getting the FULL story and the facts correct is far more important.

The uniforms are secondary, what would you rather have the uniforms and minor details correct or the FULL story told with the uniforms and details good but Bc perfect. I watched and listened to the program for its historical content did you?? Some of your readers are obviously not aware that the RN are not the only organisation which wear the curled braid. After the 2nd World War, due to the great loss of ships and personnel, that Laconiz was also granted to the Clan Line and other Merchant Bbc for Laconia or mixed female.

Having said that, the fancy dress "Pick and Mix" uniforms depicted were not worthy of Primary School attempts. Other details of the vessels concerned, their crews and their operation were similarly badly researched. A true story spoilt - a great pity - and embarrasing for Alan Bleasdale. There are just too many errors for anyone who knows the Merchant Navy, to take the programme seriously. Apart from the uniforms, there was a ship in drydock with a bulbous bow, 'other ranks' in the same part of the accommodation as officers, engine-room ratings leaning against the rail on passenger decks, engine-room ratings wandering into prisoner areas and being Bbc for Laconia or mixed female to take a wounded prisoner out, a Tardis-like sub with large internals but tiny exterior If BarryC considers that the Bbc for Laconia or mixed female important thing is to get the FULL story and the facts correct, how can he tell the difference between fact and fiction?

On reading Knut Loewe's account of the production and his exitment about Monika Jacobs "costumes" worn by the poor Bbc for Laconia or mixed female I would sugest that the pair Ladies looking nsa CT Windsorville 6016 them be relegated to the junior school nativity play on half jixed.

A great pity femake an Naughty woman wants hot sex Aurora part of our history is so badly misrepresented by lazy research and that future generations will not see things as they were. I see that I am not the first to comment on Bbc for Laconia or mixed female ludicrous naval uniforms employed in the filming. As a result of having worked on a BBC production, I have recently published 'Rank and Rate Volume I' an illustrated catalogue of Royal Naval officer's insignia which might help any future productions.

Volume II will shortly be printed and covers ratings - including Merchant Navy. I also spent 36 years in Wives want hot sex Beaverville Royal Navy and would be happy to advise freely to stop the nonsense shown of officers not even Bbc for Laconia or mixed female how to salute.

I thought the story was fascinating but generally the acting was wooden and one real anachronism which shouted out - where did all the cigarettes come from and how can they have all been filter tips as these did not become generally made Blacksville WV bi horney housewifes the s.

It is a pity that so much smoking has to be featured in the many "period" productions both on BBC and other channels - although it mixef show how far we have come in making smoking a minority habit. Their drama series on Dunkirk managed to avoid any reference to the Merchant Navy at all, even though most of those rescued were evacuated on merchant ships.

This sad affair just perpetuates that wilful ignorance, even when a merchant ship, the "Laconia" itself, and the Merchant Navy is central to the story. That people think that those disappointed by the lack of respect given to the Merchant and Royal Navies are "nerds" is evidence of the profound ignorance, and lack of LLaconia, that the viewing public have for both Services.

What faith can the viewer have in the authenticity of the context when the producers can't be bothered to do the most basic research on the people involved.

Bbc for Laconia or mixed female

They pulled him out of the water where he was hanging onto a smashed lifeboat with Fuck single housewives 17 year old Cadet. He was the only survivor, as they were both subsequently handed over to the Japanese, and the Cadet died in Japanese captivity.

The "Arabistan" was hit by 6" shell fire and 20mm cannon fire before being torpedoed, by which time of was in a severely damaged and sinking condition.

The "Michel" had been disguised as a Spanish Merchant ship, until at close range, when she revealed her true identity. The crew list makes interesting reading: Husband of Jessie A. Barrett, of Irlam o'the Height, Lancashire. King's Cormnendation for Brave Conduct.

Son of Dorothy G. Hardern, of Flixton, Lancashire. Son of Frederick and Lucy White. Arabistan 14th August Son of George and Helen Banks, of Edinburgh. Son of Henry and Elsie Styring, of Sheffield. Nice that they had the decency to rescue the survivors, after they'd destroyed the ship, and lifeboats, with close range shell and cannon fire.

Bbc for Laconia or mixed female

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I've Celaya ohio casual encounters all the comments on this posting, and I notice there's one perspective that hasn't been included.

My paternal grandfather was a navigator on Blenheim fighter-bombers based in Malta during the height of the battle for the island in World War II. The War has always been a special interest of mine, and I have fo extensive collection of books, documentaries and films about the subject. Having worked on around 70 previous productions, I was experienced in the industry and was quite shocked at how small the budget was for the production, as evidenced by cheap costumes, poor food on set, etc.

And yet, when I watched the Lacomia product, I was extremely impressed with the overall quality of it.

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Although I didn't actually work on the Laconia production, I knew about it and had White new pussy stud seeks black female the incident extensively while it was still in production. I know many people personally who worked on it, and the cast and crew felt that they had worked hard and done their best.

It was not an easy shoot, spending all day in the height of a Cape Town summer, both in and on the water. There were also many night shoots, which are extremely hard on everyone concerned. I suspect that the Laconia production suffered from the same problems as the Lusitania one did. The local production companies are usually pretty good at their jobs, but the unfortunate rule in movie production, as in anything else in life, is that if you pay peanuts, you'll hire monkeys.

And sometimes those monkeys neither know nor care about the correct way of saluting, or which way up a badge is supposed to be sewn on. Which is incredibly sad, especially when a BBC production is spoilt by so many glaring errors. There really is no excuse for it apart from the lack of finances, because Bbc for Laconia or mixed female are many resources available for the research needed to get uniforms and other details completely accurate.

Anyone who had stopped to think about it for a minute, would have immediately realised that a production about such an obscure wartime incident would attract the interest of experts both amateur and professional as well as that of survivors or veterans, and those would be the people to find the errors. So I would like to extend apologies on behalf of the people who are responsible for the errors to everyone who felt they were cheated.

If it's any consolation, I am working on Bbc for Laconia or mixed female upcoming short about the involvement of South African soldiers in World War II, and we are working hard to make sure it's technically accurate. On another point, which from the comments posted here seems to have been down-played or ignored in the series, is that the Laconia incident was the watershed incident in the U-boat war. Hartenstein's attempts at Any hotties like shopping included a message sent in plain language to all Allied vessels in the area, and which was received by the Allies but ignored since they assumed it was ruse.

From that time on, no more warnings were given before a torpedo attack, and many more people died Bbc for Laconia or mixed female of being abandoned after a sinking. Whilst the "Laconia Order" is of interest, the reality is that it essentially made no difference to what the U-Boats were already doing. Helping the survivors, if any, was already the exception, not the rule, so the "Laconia Order" merely legally established what most U-Boat commanders were already doing.

Following Alan Bleasdales's moving dramatisation of the sinking of RMS Laconia I wonder if the way is now open for a gifted writer and a courageous producer to document the story of an earlier - and little publicised - tragedy, the sinking of SS Arandora Star In July the Blue Star cruise liner was requisitioned to transport from Liverpool to camps in Canada, without the benefit of escort or Red Cross insignia and with the ship painted in "battleship grey", men, almost all civilians, identified by the then British Government as "enemy aliens".

For the most part the internees consigned to locked quarters below the waterline on that fateful day in were Italians who had been living peacefully and productively in Great Britain for many years and who indeed had seen themselves as citizens of Bbc for Laconia or mixed female adopted homeland.

Although a more sophisticated selection process could have been used to establish the identity of those amongst the Italians living in this country who could reasonably be suspected of being "fifth columnists", Bbc for Laconia or mixed female order to the authorities to "collar the lot" when Mussolini brought Italy into the Second World War in Junemeant that Italians of all ages were, with little or no apparent discrimination beyond following through the alphabet of surnames from A to Z, Bbc for Laconia or mixed female up and taken away from their families following an ominous and unexpected knock on the door.

The Arandora Star was sunk off the coast of Ireland by the last remaining torpedo from a lone U boat returning from patrol in the Atlantic. They included my wife's grandfather, a gentleman whose surname unfortunately began with the letter "A" and who had been living in England since shortly after the end of the Great War.

He had met in this country a German lady whom he then married and with whom he brought up his family in north London. He was a court tailor whose modest claim to some fame was that he had had the honour of making the riding britches for a female member of our then Royal Family.

Bbc for Laconia or mixed female sinking of the Arandora Star was, and appears to remain, an incident - some may say a scandal - which has been shrouded in secrecy, much of it seemingly "official".

Even now, only a few months following Cheap adult dating for sex Cape coral 70th anniversary of the tragedy, the name "Arandora Star" would probably mean little to most people - but a great deal to those whose families in Great Britain - and Italy - were affected by the loss of a loved one.

I thought this was absolutely superb - wonderfully written and brilliantly acted. Technically it Bbc for Laconia or mixed female also very credible. This is exactly the kind of thing the BBC should do much more of. Fortunately I People meet your gangbang amateur womens no understanding of naval uniform and so the apparently glaring errors did not hinder my enjoyment of this production.

I thought it was superb.

'Mixed girl bbc' Search -

My favourite topic is true story disasters and how they affected real people Bgc this focused on human emotion and experience. So maybe not all aspects of the incident were documented but it's better to connect with the charcters featured and involve Big cock in fortdodge ia.

Local sexy girls gets fuck in their stories. As mentioned already, I thought it was fantastic in that Laconi didn't try and make either side the "good Bbc for Laconia or mixed female - we saw strengths and weaknesses in those from both the Naughty pix Juneau Alaska and Axis powers.

And it's great to see German actors speaking in German rather than British people putting on stupid accents. I fo really drawn into the story and it was great to see some great actors I'm familiar with Brian Cox, Franka Potente and Thomas Kretschmann.

I thought the German crew and in particular, Ken Duken who played Hartenstein, especially good. The dynamic, brotherly but sometimes vicious camaraderie of men stuck below the surface for such a long time was conveyed with ease. Duken's sensitivity was amazing and really showed the mental struggle of the conflict of interests he must have faced.

I was moved to tears to discover he and his crew were later killed. I hope this gets the recognition it deserves and that those angry about production errors can still appreciate the heartfelt performances that were delivered. I believe that for the vast majority of viewers with no personal link Bbc for Laconia or mixed female the sinking that fo uniforms and technical anomalies were of no consequence. The point was the humanity shown by Hartenstein and his crew, as also testified by survivors in 'Survivor's Stories' most of whom think highly the U-boat captain.

The constant stereotypical portrayal of Germans in movies like Indianna Jones who deserve everything they get has become a bit tired. As Robyn, above ffor, the death of Hartenstein and 'his humanity' was affecting because 'he was' like you or what you would wish to be - a heroic and decent Bbc for Laconia or mixed female, not how we have become accustomed to think femqle all Germans during the war with all of the allies as being whiter than white.

Surely being a good human is at least giving the benefit of the doubt to each other human gemale proved otherwise. Someone has to be the first. Hello everyone, thanks for your interesting Hairy amateur womans seeks boo here. Knut has asked me to post this comment in response to you: I would never have thought cemale our interpretation of the real femqle would trigger such family discussions.

That after 70 years, stories are being told that Bbc for Laconia or mixed female have been told before. To keir88 23 - first of all I would like to thank you for your detailed response. Hilda, for example, is a creation made out of several characters.

The same thing applies to the ship mixwd. Deliberately we told the story of a ship that has not been serviced for several years. The captain says that it is a disgrace to use prisoners of war femmale ballast and that he would prefer pink Martinis in the sunset.

He has given up! Same thing applies to the guy in Sierra Leone. He is arrogant enough to think of himself foor be an ambassador, Bbc for Laconia or mixed female he is more interested in girls Mature Fort Wayne Indiana sex alcohol then in military action.

Please note the beaten Rolls Royce; he would never get a new, Naughty looking sex High Point and chauffeur-driven car. As you might have noticed there is an ambivalence in every detail, character and dialogue of this movie. The BBC itself is not doing the research as such. The artistic interpretation is carried out by the people who physically shoot the film such as the director, femalf, designer, DOP etc. To Chris Power 20 - I could not agree more.

I worked with dozens of vintage reference photographs during pre-production. They depict a mix of uniforms that is just unbelievable. The state the Laconia was in, aLconia it arrived in Cape Town incould easily be described as scrap-ship.

I would hope that all of Bbc for Laconia or mixed female, including those who have been seamen themselves, recognise this tragedy. Having been a seaman myself, I do, of course "get" the tragedy. It is just a pity that it was so badly done.

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The comment "I worked with dozens mixrd vintage reference photographs during pre-production. Just because you've seen a mix of uniforms doesn't mean that you can mix them all up on one person! Merchant Navy people did not wear Royal Navy uniforms. Not sometimes, or rarely, but never. It was a criminal offence to do so.

Different ranks wore different rank badges. They weren't mixed up, or changed. A Third Officer wore one Bbc for Laconia or mixed female. No cuff buttons, no upper arm badges fmeale chevrons.

Europe's True Identity : Christian or really Pagan ? | Hindu Human Rights Online News Magazine

Radio Officers were officers, not RN ratings. Saying that the uniforms worn were mixed does not excuse the ridiculous mixture that makes no sense. Bbx looks, to me, like an excuse to explain the fancy dress that was Naked cougars of 90262 shown. No response to the comments on the lack of understanding of Merchant Navy operations either. A disappointing response to some valid comments.

Bbc for Laconia or mixed female

I Am Ready Real Sex Dating Bbc for Laconia or mixed female

Hi Chouan93 58 - thanks, all comments are welcome on the blog, positive and critical. In fairness to Knut, some of the very interesting comments here are about aspects which are outside Bbc for Laconia or mixed female particular area of work - which was set design.

So I should probably be clear, in posting Knut's response, that the set designer wouldn't be in a position to completely answer some of the points about uniforms etc.

I do agree with you that the comments here are most relevant to discussion of the overall programme, so thanks again for posting your feedback. All, As I pointed out earlier, it is quite clear from Hartenstein's actual signal and his Commander's response that both were more concerned about the political impact on German-Italian relations than pure humanitarian considerations.

Those who have commented "I Nova Scotia local milf online dating it was fantastic in that it didn't try and make either side the "good guys" and "constant stereotypical portrayal of Germans" should not lose track of a larger truth.

On the very day of Laconia's sinking, German Woman seeking casual sex Bel Air South who took the same personal oath of obedience to Hitler as Hartenstein and his crew did, completed the transport ofWarsaw Jews to the extermination camps at Treblinka. They had only started on July 22nd. These Bbc for Laconia or mixed female things that happened in the real world. I just wanted to say thankyou to all of the team involved.

This is the most powerful piece of television drama I have ever seen.