Internet Explorer is The Interner Browser Legacy

Being part of the first internet browser legacy, internet explorer brings several good experiences for the older generation of users. The browser originally from Microsoft has been staying for as long as it came out in 1995. After years of usages and waving market, currently, IE will not get any update. But how good is it? Here are what you need to know.

internet explorer

The History of Internet Explorer

IE has been in the industry for a long time ago. Often abbreviated as MSIE the browser program can be called the old software that gets forgotten over time. However, the web browser certainly left some interesting memory for the users. It is especially true with its existence that goes as far as 1995.

The browser was first introduced in August 1995 as the 1.0 version by Microsoft. That was when the computer runs Windows 95. After that, almost every year internet explorer got some updates and released a new version to follow the advancement of Microsoft and Mac. The update getting far delayed as it reaches the 2000s.

In the end, the last version of IE was version 11 which was included in Windows 8. It came out around 2013, which make the popularity plummet even more. As a new Windows 10 OS appear in 2015, Microsoft introduce the newer browser called Microsoft Edge. it works as a replacement browser for the old and discontinued IE.

What Feature Internet Explorer Offers

1. Security Features

IE has some security features including zone-based protection framework which apply certain limitation. There is also an attachment security service. It works to secure and check the downloadable files on the web. Internet explorer also helps to choose the trusted file source, which helps decrease the chance of virus or phishing.

There is also a feature called a group policy. This piece is meant to help enhance the user interface by giving different settings based on its server’s domains. It can help disable menu items and configuration, which boosts the loading speed. It was also customizable.

2. New Generation Site Support

The browser supports new site generation, such as the ECMAScript 6 standard. It also works with WebGL. It even runs HTML5 video without any plugin. At some point, you can also add some add-ons to enhance the performance or feature. It is even integrated with the operating system, which makes a simple, clean, and attractive appearance fit with the site display.

3. Cache Building and Framework Support

Internet explorer even add some feature that helps it works and support some framework, such as VB support or ActiveX. Thus, users can gain more experiences, such as e-learning simulators. At the same time, IE also collects the cache in the temporary internet files. It helps to build the previously visited website and make the loading time faster.

With the fierce browser market share, IE gains fewer users year by year. Even though the application keeps giving some updates and upgrades, but it was discontinued. Microsoft also announces that IE will retire in 2021, which makes the legendary browser finally gone. If you are interested to try, check out the latest version 11.

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