Be Careful if You Are Using Tor Browser

Privacy and security on the internet are pretty much all people need. With some antivirus and VPN, you can browse easily. But the Tor browser offers you the same promise from its engine. Tor works as a virtual tunnel network that comes with built-in privacy features. People can browse anonymously, share information, and access sites without compromising their privacy.

tor browser

Features And Highlight

1. Surveillance Defender

Tor makes one stay anonymous even for all anyone monitor application. The idea itself is creating built-in privacy features that prevent any kind of surveillance actions. The app will prevent someone to look at your connection. People will never see any kind of history or browsing habits from your browser. Tor also blocks every related activity to enhance the privacy points.

2. Multi-Layered Encryption

Tor promises a cool way of protection and privacy feature called multi-layered encryption. It is used to help enhance the integrity of any website that you visit. The traffic from the online world will go through three layers of encryptions. Tor browser users will get extra protection from this method.

All of the relaying and three encrypting processes pass over the Tor Network. Thus, you can say that everything is under their hand. One unique system used by the network is called Tor Relays. The network for encryptions and security covered thousands of volunteer-run servers, thus it ensures the traffic flow and reloads time.

3. Block Tracker

As it prevents surveillance, Tor also blocks any tracker apps or ads. It is common to find that each website will have certain ads and third-party trackers to jot down information about your web surfing habits. It goes with the name Cookies. With Tor’s help, the browser will automatically clear the cookies and browsing history.

4. Fingerprint Resistance

To make everything anonymous, the Tor browser uses a feature that resists any fingerprint recognition. In other words, any kind of activities and detail about your browsing habit or trace will not be displayed and tracked. It will not allow any fingerprint that helps make all users looks the same.

5. Free Browsing

At some point, people need a certain location to access a website. Most often VPN work helps people to create a virtual location. However, this browser makes the same function that aids users to bypass blocked sites or locations. At some point, Tor also one of the easiest ways to access the dark web.

Be Careful of Using Tor!

Given all of the features, you can tell that it poses a lot of potentials. People can access an array of websites, even the dark web. However, some actions come with great risks. You need to check the Tor browser security setting. Make sure everything is right, avoid any suspicious links or websites, and you can make your surfing even safer with a VPN app.

Tor used to be a house browser with a lot of potential for a secured internet surfing experience. It provides a highly encrypted feature that helps the user stay anonymous on the internet. However, it can be dangerous without any security addition. You can add another security by installing VPN software and use the latest version of Tor for safer browsing.

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