Yandex Browser – The Special Browser of The Century

The ever-growing online or technology opens up a lot of possibilities. The search engine is getting more powerful, and browsers are starting to bloom with different features. From those many programs, you might have or never heard about the Yandex browser. So, what is it? Surprisingly, the Russia-based browser is not something you can underestimate.


Highlight and Features

1. Turbo Mode

If you ever use Opera, you will find a feature called slow connection mode. In Yandex, you got the same feature under the name of Turbo Mode. As the name says, a slow connection will never bother your web surfing experience. The whole performance will stay the same even with a speed drop. When enabled, it will speed up the loading time and save your data changes.

2. Recommendation

Just like any other modern browser, you will find the recommendation feature. The whole recommendation will envelop some Zen Feeds, such as articles, videos, news, etc. The good thing is that the Zen Feeds feature is completely personalized. You will find this Zen screen in the starting or home screen.

Zen in the Yandex Browser will automatically analytic your behavior, interest, and your feedback from comment or shares. These kinds of data will eventually increase the recommendation accuracy. Another plus note comes from its Yandex search engine integration. It includes some fancy functions such as add-ons, maps, storage, and many more.

3. DNS Spoofing Protection

Is it safe? The answer mostly depends on your surfing behavior. The browser itself has DNS Spoofing protection to help protect active security technology scans. In other words, your browsing experience is relatively safe from websites, fraudulent web pages, etc. It also protects your password, card details, and keeps check your online payment.

However, once again you cannot surf without any consideration. You still need to be aware of harmful sites, SMS frauds, and download files from viruses. But at the same time, the Yandex browser also has a built-in adblocker. The feature is disabled by default, so you can enable it if you need it. It also blocks certain ads, not the whole website.

4. Background Customization

One of the best highlights from Yandex is the new customizable interface. The browser uses the Cousteau interface that supports the translucence element. It also allows users to move the tabs and changes the color. This feature comes with some presets or you can make one and share it with other Yandex users. The good thing is that this highlight is still actively developing.

5. Smartbox

Another stellar point is the Smartbox. This feature covers all you need. Just like how the start menu in Win 10, the SmartBox can provide you a lot of information. Yandex browser Smartbox allows you to find the suggestion, addresses, questions, and many more. Just write down what you are looking for, and the box will show you the best suggestion.

From the explanation, you can tell that the Russian-based browser can be as good as other popular options. It has its perk that make difference. You can list some of them, such as interface customization, integration, security, built-in ads block, turbo mode, and many more. If you are a Yandex Search engine, this browser is the best one to use.

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