The Special Features of Brave Browser

A slow-loading page happens due to many reasons. One of them is the amount of ad technology that strips down the resources, bandwidth, and consistently forces the visitor to move to a different site. You can use as many ad blockers as possible, but Brave browser offers you the same yet more advanced technology. How good is it? Here is what you need to know.


About The Browser

So, what is it? Going along with the other famous browser such as Chrome and Firefox, Brave make a unique appearance in the market. The browser not only promises a safer process but also a faster surfing experience. It sounds like many other, but one thing that set Brave aside is its automatically blocks and tracker’s function.

If you consider the promise, many browsers can provide the same idea through their built-in feature or add-on. However, bravely make the idea work better. It is amazing how the browser can provide a faster loading page, which is considered faster than chrome. All due to its nature of stripping down all of the website ad parts and only show the real content.

How It Works

The Brave browser uses Chromium and works as an open-source project maintained by people. The browser has a built-in AdBlock. It works by replacing except the real content with the local network advertisement. In other words, you still get advertisements but not from the sites. it looks like other mainstream browsers, such as Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

All thanks to the chromium basic and coding. The browsing has created an ad ecosystem to replace what the browsers delete. This kind of idea help relieving website owner’s worries of not having an income. And brave also claimed that it also built a crypto-currency-based system that helps compensate those websites. The replacement ads appear as pop-up notifications.

Brave Features

1. Aggressive Anti-Ad Feature

The main highlight is the aggressive anti-ad build-in engine. The promise of stripping every single ad from websites makes the Brave Browser have a certain plus point. This kind of idea is believed to relieve the 60% + 20% loading page times delays due to the ad’s nature. It is not an adds on, which makes web surfing better.

2. Compensate Scratched-Out Ads

As said before, that the browser compensates for the ads. It is a good intention from the firm since scrapping the ads will make the website has less income. instead of showing the website ads, brave show users the networks ads. It is not as annoying as the website ads, and you can close the pop-up notification ads.

3. Eliminate Ad Trackers and Faster Browsing

The idea of eliminating ads also helps to block the tracker feature. The two perks help enhance the loading page and make the browser appear and work faster. There is nothing special about the brave browser performance. But it can avoid the 20% load times due to the tracking ads behavior.

The idea of stripping down the ads on certain websites can make a faster internet surfing experience. It is the main intention of this browser. The idea is especially helpful to replenish the 60% of page load time due to the ads. It also recovers the 20% load time from the tracking ads. It helps users as well as the original web owner with the ad’s profit replacement.

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