Anything You Need to Know About Vivaldi Browser

When talking about a PC, laptop, or smartphone browser, you will find many options to choose from. From the very familiar Chrome to the rising in popularity browser, Vivaldi. About the later browser, is there a chance that many people don’t know what it offers? The good thing is, the said program might be the better or unique choice for web surfing experiences. Here is why.


The Advantages

1. Automatic Syncing

Since people start to work with more than one device, browser synchronization can help to cut the searching process. The good thing is that the browser can sync anything from the desktop to the smartphone device. It works for almost everything including bookmarks and passwords to a mobile platform.

The software does the syncing easily from opening a new tab in the desktop to mobile. You can do it simply by tapping on the cloud icon. The icon will show you all the tabs that you open on the other devices. As long as the device connects to a Vivaldi account, the software will sync everything with end-to-end encryption protection.

2. Speed Dial Favourite

The popular browser was created by the former CEO of Opera. As a family, you will find some similar aspects such as the speed dial concept. You will find the instant access feature of your most visited website on the home page. It works for every device, including your PC or mobile app. It also comes with customization options.

3. Customization Features

One of the advantages of the software is the groundbreaking customization feature. The software highlights its functionality, flexibility, and user experience. With that in mind, you can get the chance to surf based on your preferences. You will find that the browser will adapt to you, not you to Vivaldi.

In other words, you have every right and way to make the browser work as you want. You will be able to customize all the UI aspects, such as browser tab, address bar location, keyboard shortcut, to animation. You can customize the menu, take notes, full-page screenshots, place your favorite site on the sidebar, or add themes.

4. Universal Engine

The popular software uses Chromium’s Blink as the browser engine. It makes some of the features quite similar to Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers. This kind of move makes the software fit with the web standard, secure, and widely used resource. It helps website developers to use the already familiar code and avoids any break or error.

5. Zero Tracking

Vivaldi proposes a unique design regarding data or privacy. The software uses a chromium engine and enables sync data between devices. However, the code control services disable many Chromium codes to keep your data private. Any data will not be listed in the Google sync server. Instead, the browser uses end-to-end encryption to protect the data.

From the article, you can underline that the said browser can provide something that you cannot find in the other browser. One of them is the customization features. You can change the UI and make one according to your liking. The program also has automatic syncing, automatic speed dial, universal engine, and zero trackings which enhance the browsing experience.

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