What You Need To Know About Google Chrome

When talking about the browser and online surfing, you got a lot of consideration. From the speed, UI, UX, and also safety. In any case, the name of Google Chrome came out on the surface upon starting or running a windows OS. It wasn’t the default, put chrome certainly have more good point. So, how good it is? here are what you need to read beforehand.


About Google Chrome

Chrome which is one of the apps made by Google is a browser with tons of features and technology. The application itself becomes one of the best or most used browsers to surf the internet. It is not only for some striking technologies and features but also for its performance and longtime experience.

Some Assistances By Chrome

1. Minimal Design With High-End Technologies

One reason that makes Chrome loved is due to its minimal design. It does not add too much detail or intricate information to the UI. Thus, help people navigate and understand the function. It also complements dark and light modes that can match the user’s preferences. Google chrome also uses small icons and hides some options to make the UI simpler.
Another good point of chrome comes from sophisticated technology. With long experience and vast ideas, the browser adopts a technology that makes internet surfing faster. It helps boost the process, and at the same time, it also provides safer and easier navigation. Thus, users can block and avoid any bad things such as viruses or information thief.

2. One Box For Everything

Chrome work with one box for everything process. It means users can open a window and do a lot of things. Users can type in an address bar to reach a specific web or blog. At the same time, it also shows suggestions for web pages and searches. With that function, people do not need to reach the Google main page. They can type in the google chrome box to search topics.

3. Easy Access Through Thumbnail

One point that makes Chrome loveable is the quick processing. Not only when surfing but also how the application provides the option. On the main page, users can add a thumbnail of the top sites or favorite sites for quick access. It shortens the time to type or looking for the specific site again. It also comes in the form of bookmark lists, which allow instant access from any new tab.

4. Ranges Of Extensions

The last thing that you might want to consider is the extension. To support the newer trend and internet usage, google chrome work with a range of extensions or add-on. It varies in usage and functions, which means users can gain more possibilities with chrome. It includes an add-on to download, blocking add, VPN, filter, and many more options to uses.

As one of the applications that follow along with the technologies, you can tell that Chrome always makes changes and updates. Some of them not only add new features but also ensure an updated technology for the whole system. To keep with the users’ needs, demands, and usage, it also provides some more features in the recent version.

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