Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Edge

Since a long time ago, the name of Microsoft internet explorer still appears in the world wide web realm. The legendary browser used to be one of the best browsers until the market gets fierce. After years, Microsoft Edge was then introduced in 2015 along with the new Windows 10 OS. It is meant to be the next generation of IE, so how good it is?


A Browser To Match The New Gen

One reason why IE was left behind was the processing time that takes a longer time. In other words, it slower than other apps. However, Microsoft is still ambitious and tries to make users back to the windows browsers. In this case, Microsoft understands that the main problem came from the EdgeHTML engine used by IE. It was a bad engine that hardly supports new-gen sites.

But to get even and balance the new-gen needs, Microsoft stops using EdgeHTML and move to the new one. The browser now switched to the Google Blink Engine which is faster, more familiar, and widely used by the current web. Meanwhile, the browser itself uses the power of Chromium which makes Microsoft Edge work as usual, but with a faster machine.

A Faster Browser With Less RAM

Edge claimed to run with less RAM. It was a big step and a good improvement since many other browsers can spike the RAM usage when loading the webpage. In this case, Edge can run less RAM without losing the fast-loading time. However, some influences can raise the RAM usage. It means that Edge is pretty good at regulating RAM use.

A Better Developer For Better App

One reason why Edge gets more attention is due to the better developer point. Site developers need to consider the browser engine to make the site work. Since Edge currently uses blink, it makes the engine easier to understand. Microsoft Edge also rises the compatibility rate with the latest browser. Even more, blink has the latest web standard that works with Chromium.

A Similar Appearance As Before

If you are used to the other browser, you will find that Edge has a similar look. It all due to the Chromium for the browser app. It has a similar design that feels the same and has vast possibilities. But at the same time, it poses a lot of changes on the inside. Such as the limited customization choices, setting, and UI. It worth waiting for the newer version of Edge.

A Wide Range Of Extension

Since the program falls into the same category as Chrome, you can expect a wider range of extensions. It uses Chromium power which means, Microsoft edge work just like how Google chrome plays around with extension. Another plus comes from the Microsoft store that also available for you to use.

All in all, you can say that Edge brings a lot more powerful engine to match the current browser marker. There is the Google blink engine to run the browser that consumes less RAM and makes it faster. There are also ranges of extensions to enhance the function. It also supports newer developers, which makes the browser work for every site out there.

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